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Ratchet 4000nm Electric Torque Wrench for Lug Nuts

This electric torque wrench is a kind of hand-held rotating electric tool with reaction arm, which can set the torque accurately, and is used to complete the tightening / dismantling of nuts or bolts automatically. The driving part adopts high-efficiency motor, strong output, stable and reliable; adopts mainstream high-speed MCU chip control, intelligent and perfect alarm and protection system, OLED highlight color screen display, friendly and detailed work page, so that automatic fastening can be mastered.

Power supply specification:
Input power: :
Input current: :
Accuracy: :
  • BRAC6000

Characteristic & Features:

 Bolting Documentation via USB cable – Simple, easy and complete

The new documentation function, the user can record all bolting joints and transfer the data via USB cable to the computer. Additional hard- or software is not necessary to read the data. This makes your working process traceable and safe.

CSV data format with device-specific information

Digital storage up to 10000 individual bolted joints

Power of up to 8,000 Nm and its documentation function.

It is powerful, light weight and provides precise and safe boltings.

The two-digit torque setting 00-99 can be adjusted using the corresponding buttons.

All control functions are on board the tool, eliminating the need for a control box.

7 sizes up to 8 000 Nm

Full documentation of bolted joints

Recognition of the selected gear and the direction of rotation

Total diagnosis and evaluation

Delivery with calibration certificate


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