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BRAC-A Series Angle Electric Torque Wrench (With Power Adapter)

220V 50Hz electric torque wrench, accuracy ±5%, torque ranges from 100 to 10000 Nm. Unload speed up to 20rpm, with torque + angle mode, no impact and constantly stable torque output. High accuracy multistage planetary gearbox, can automatically record wokring data. Torque can be set on the digital display, and it shows real-time torque when working, and have overheat and overloading protection function.
Working Mode:
Function Module:

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  • BRAC-A

  • Baier

  • 8467299000

Product Description

A Series Angle Electric Torque Wrench

Features of BRAC-A Series Electric Torque Wrench:

1. Industrial grade design, high capacity of continuous use. Fully meet  the requirements of production line assembly / engineering  installation / maintenance.

2. Torque overload protection system, effectively protect gears and  mechanical system.

3. Compared with straight torque wrench, angle-handle series are more  suitable for narrow working space.

4. Precision ±5%, repeatability ±2%. 

5. New human engineering designed handle. Buffer rubber can reduce  vibration by 50%, freely connect with drive parts.

6. Two operating modes: torque mode, torque+ratation angle mode.

7. 110V-220V AC power, no need for an external pump station and hoses.

Reaction Arm:

trunk arm

Trunk Type

Z arm

Z type

double arm

Double Arm Type

four arm

Four Points Type

slide arm

Deep Sleeve Type

Parts Included:

BRAC-A FA 640 (6)

Torque Gun

power adapter

Power Adapter

reaction arm 1

Reaction Arm

data cable

USB Cable

electrci wrench case

Tool Case

digital display screen

Information Displayed On The Screen

The digital display screen will display the brand name of the wrench, current time, job number, bolt number, wrench operation mode, motor temperature, real-time output torque, and menu.

There are three buttons below the screen to enter the settings interface. In the settings interface, you can view wrench working records, revise the displayed torque unit, change language, change the direction of text on the screen, modify system settings, switch to torque calibration mode, and so on.

Dimensional Drawing:

BRAC-A FA 640 (3)

Specification Table:


Square Drive



Unload Speed




Size A


Size B


Size C


Size D


BRAC-A700 3/4 100-700 73-516 20
260 66 75 225
BRAC-A1400 1 200-1400
10 6.8 260 77 75 265
BRAC-A2500 1 400-2500 295-1844 7.5 6.8 260 77 75 265
BRAC-A4000 1 or 1 1/2 600-4000 442-2950 4 10 260 92 75 315
BRAC-A5000 1 1/2 800-5000 590-3688
3.5 13.5 260 102 75 345
BRAC-A6000 1 1/2 900-6000 663-4425
3 14.2 260 110 75 350
BRAC-A8000 1 1/2 1200-8000 885-5900 2 15.7 260 110 75 365
BRAC-A10000 1 1/2 1500-10000 1106-7376
1.5 19 260 125 75 380

*The commonly used torque in work should be less than 80% of the maximum torque of the wrench.

How to choose and maintain an electric torque wrench?

1. The tightening torque of the bolt is 80% of its yield limit, and the dismantling torque is 1.5-2.5 times the tightening torque. Based on the bolt specifications and strength grade, first determine the torque range that needs to be used.

2. The commonly used torque (rated torque) of a wrench should be less than 80% of its maximum torque value to ensure the optimal operating state of the wrench.

3. Choose the appropriate bolt sleeve according to the different bolt sizes.

4. Select or customize a suitable reaction force arm according to the operating conditions.

5. This product is not waterproof, please do not use it on rainy days or underwater.

6. The wrench should be properly stored after use, and should be recalibrated after maintenance or use for more than six months.

After Sales Service:

1. Free replacement of torque wrench component and new product if it's demaged or broken because of supplier's responsibility.
2. We promise 12 months warranty time after delivery.
3. Online guidence of operation, reparing, setting when clients need help.
4. Help to explore the local market with contracted dealer.
5. When it beyond warranty time, we still provide companents and technical support.
6. Total engineering solution with complex hydraulic tools combined action.

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