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It includes electric and battery torque wrenches.

Feature of Electric Torque Wrench:

1. The machine solves the spark problem of the brush motor from the principle, and can operate efficiently and stably, extending the service life of the carbon brush to a greater extent.
2. Stable torque output, not easily affected by voltage fluctuations and long distance cable, suitable for construction site applications.
3. Precision ±5%, repeatability ±2%.
4. Continuous rotation without impact, automatic stop when the preset torque value is reached, much more efficient than intermittently driven hydraulic wrenches.
5. Three operating modes: torque mode, torque + rotation angle mode and fast mode.
6. Use of multi-stage gearbox. High reliability, high stability.
7. Standard counter acting force arm as the standard configuration, custom counter acting force arms available.
8. 220V 50Hz AC power, no need for an external pumping station and pipes.

Feature of Battery Torque Wrench:

1. Digital adjustment and display of the torque and the operating status and parameters of the wrench.
2. High speed pre-tightening of nuts in place, final tightening controlled by torque or rotation angle.
3. Precision ±4%, repeatability ±2%.
4. Remote synchronous operation of multiple devices to meet the requirements of special working conditions.
5. Optional battery pack assembly, long duration of flight, to improve work efficiency.
6. Battery level monitoring and compensation, motor temperature compensation, and dynamic torque compensation.
7. The torque can be set to be any value within the operating range of the torque wrench
8. Use of multi-stage gearbox, highly reliable and highly stable.
9. Support the torque + rotation angle mode.
10. Motor overheating protection function.
11. High precision planetary gear reduction mechanism, stable operation,sturdy and durable.

What is the Composition of Electric Torque Wrench?

Electric Torque Wrench Consist:

square driven axle, reaction arm mounting gear, planetary gearbox, electronic motor, LCD digital control interface, anti-skid handle, stard and stop trigger, reaction arm, power adapter, tool suitacse.

The LCD interface allows operators to navigate through menus on equipment. Torque regulation 1Nm increase and decrease.
And planetary gear deceleration system with high power output ratio makes the device lighter.
The handle with coree skid texture, confortable grip, suitable for all kinds of working condition.

Main Material: steel alloy.

Battery Torque Wrench Consist:

snap ring for reaction arm, planetary gear cylinder, wheel cylinder connector, lithium batteries, brushless motor, display screen, rotating plate, multistage planetray gear set, reactiona rm, motor connector, quick charger.

Main Material: steel alloy.

How To Use An Electric Torque Wrench

Electric torque wrench operation:

1、When the system enters the menu mode, the system will automatically stop running. After setting the items to be modified, please switch to the menu "exit" item, and the system will automatically jump to the operation page.
2. Preset Torque Adjustment.
3. Mode Switching:
Mode option entry: generally select "torque mode". At this time, the system will work automatically according to the preset torque. For Fast mode, please refer to the notes below.
Fast mode is only applicable when the nut is a certain distance away from the fastening plate. Do not use fast mode when the nut has been attached to the fastening plate, which may cause a large deviation between the actual tightening data and the preset torque! The correct and effective use of your work mode will improve your efficiency.
4. Record Check
In the "menu mode", adjust the "+" or "-" button to switch to the " record check" entry, and press the "confirm" key to enter the data view page.
5. System Time Adjustment
Press the "confirm" button, and the red value indicates the value being adjusted, which is in the order of year, month, day, hour, minute and second; press the "+" or "-" button to adjust the value, and press the "confirm" button to save when "save" is displayed at last. Or press the "exit" button to return to the menu. If the tool is not used for a long time, the system time will be wrong due to the consumption of backup power. To set the time, please switch to the "system time" option in the "menu" item and press the "confirm" button to enter the time setting.
The system time is the reference time of data recording. If you find that the system time is not correct, please adjust the system time in time. (after adjusting the time, the machine will remain powered on for 30-60 minutes to charge the backup power supply). This can ensure the real-time accuracy of data recording.
6. System Language
In the "system language" page, press "+" or "-" to switch the required system language, and then press the "save" button to return to the menu page.
7. System Information
In the "menu" page, press "+" or "-" to switch to the "system information" item, and press the "confirm" button to enter the system information page.
Kind Remind:
The system information page contains important information of the device. If you need support, please provide this page information.
8. Use of Data Port
For the first time, please install the data cable driver on the computer, then insert the cable into the computer and click the icon, open the interface of the software.

Electric Torque Wrench FAQ Collection

  • Q How can we get a customized product with our logo?

    A Please provide us details of your customization requirements and the original design of your logo in CDR/AI form, our technicians will make your idea come true accordingly.
  • Q Can we sign an agency agreement?

    You're warmly welcome to be our distributor! An agency agreement is signed after cooperating at least twice, and the order amount should exceed 50,000 US dollars.
  • Q What's the MOQ?

    A To support our customers, we do not set MOQ. Even if a customer only has enough for one product, we accept orders and offer wholesale prices.
  • Q How about the after-sales service?

    A During the warranty period, we provide product installation and use guidance, free maintenance services. Can assist agents to provide complete engineering solutions and transportation solutions. Products enjoy life-long after-sales service, including remote diagnosis and replacement of spare parts. At the same time, we share local market information for free to help agents expand their business.
  • Q Have you ever exported your products abroad?

    Yes, we started exportation in 2017. Till now, our products have been exported to more than 70 countries. Baier becomes a popular brand in Germany, Australia, Korea, Canada, Italy, UAE, Peru, Chile, USA......The customer satisfaction reaches 98%.
  • Q Do you have any certification of this tool?

    A Surely we have. More than 15 years of development, we have gained ISO and CE certification.
  • Q How long is the warranty time?

    A The warranty time is 12 months after delivery. In particular case, it could be extended to 13 / 14 months.
  • Q What's the delivery time?

    A It's delivered within 5 days if there is stock. If it's out of stock, it may takes about 15 to 20 days to make delivery.
  • Q Does it work on 380V power?

    A Yes, it does. Generally it works under power 220V 50Hz, but also apply to 380V 60Hz and 110V 50Hz power supply.
  • Q What's price of the electric torque wrench?

    The prices depend on the torque value of the tools. Please choose suitable tool models from the specification sheet first.

Why Choose Baier Electric Torque Wrench?

Company and product advantages:

1. We own CE & ISO certification.
2. We're experienced manufacturer, which was established in 2009, and the factory takes an area of 10,000 square meters.
3. Our factory is equipped more than 50 machines, monthly output is over 3000 units of product, so that we can make fast delivery.
4. Factory direct sell, wholesale prices.
5. Customization service total engineering solutions.
6. Guaranteed after-sales service.
7. Has more than 70 patented technologies.
8. Professional technicians.
9. We are one of the two biggest Chinese manufacturers of bolting tools.
10. Compare with the most facmous brands in the field in the world, our products are more cost-effective.


1. When you cannot determine the required torque, we will recommend the appropriate product model for you according to the product application.
2. Our company can provide you with one-stop purchasing service, and all supporting products are available.
3. Perfect after-sales service system until you are satisfied.
4. Regular customers enjoy discounted prices and free maintenance services.
5. Video explained tutorials and written solution reports.

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We mainly deal in five categories of products: bolting tools, hydraulic lifting tools, hydraulic pulling tools, flange tools and power pack.Bolting tools include: square drive hydraulic torque wrench, Hexagon hydraulic torque wrench, electric torque wrench, rechargable torque wrench, cordless impact

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We mainly deal in five categories of products: bolting tools, hydraulic lifting tools, hydraulic pulling tools, flange tools and power pack.Bolting tools include: square drive hydraulic torque wrench, Hexagon hydraulic torque wrench, electric torque wrench, rechargable torque wrench, cordless impact

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