Baier Electric Torque Wrench Wins 2022 MEI Awards Silver Award

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Introduction of MEI Awards

The Beauty of Made in China Annual Selection (English abbreviation "MEI Awards") is a public welfare selection activity radiating across the country initiated by in 2011. The selection is open to all products made in China. Through a professional, fair and prudent selection by a jury composed of representatives of manufacturing companies, industrial design experts, and domestic and foreign buyers, outstanding products that can represent the high level of China's manufacturing industry will be selected. product.

Beauty Made in China takes building a trade docking platform between Chinese suppliers and global buyers as its mission, actively responds to the national "Belt and Road" initiative, and strengthens support for enterprises. Through brand building and dissemination, it can effectively help improve the design and manufacturing quality of Chinese companies. It is a platform for buyers at home and abroad to directly face the excellent level of Chinese manufacturing. The beauty of Made in China makes the world feel more deeply about the quality of Chinese products, allows Made in China to win the bargaining power, and establishes a public welfare brand that is widely recognized by the society.




Partner institutions:

SGS, TÜV SÜD, BV, Southern Weekend, China Association of Small and Medium Business Enterprises, China Industrial Design Association, China Business News, Focus Vision


Support Units:

Yangtze River Delta Industrial Design Industry Alliance, Jiangsu Industrial Design Association, Zhejiang Industrial Design Association, Shanghai Industrial Design Association, Anhui Industrial Design Industry Alliance, Anhui Industrial Design Association, Fujian Industrial Design Association, Guangdong Industrial Design Association, Guangdong Provincial Artificial Intelligence Industry Association, Guangzhou Industrial Design Industry Association, Jinjiang Equipment Manufacturing Association, Jinjiang Industrial Design and Fashion Creative Association, Guangdong South China Industrial Design Institute, Hefei Industrial Design Association, Shenyang Industrial Design Association, Maanshan Industrial Design Association, Northeast Revitalization and Innovation Design Industry Alliance, Italian China-Italian Design Association, School of Design Art and Media, Nanjing University of Science and Technology


Purchasing Partner: Boomplay

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Baier Hydraulic Tools Awards and Rewards


After the preliminary evaluation, final evaluation and other evaluation stages of the competition, the products of Baier Hydraulic Power (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. stood out from 8022 entries and won the silver award!

Winner: Bayer Hydraulic Power (Wuhan) Co., Ltd.

Award-winning product: Plug-in electric torque wrench

Award: 2022 Beauty of Made in China Annual Selection Product Group Silver Award


Introduction of Award-winning Electric Torque Wrench


BRAC-S series electric torque wrench, connect to standard power can work. With digital adjustment function, to meet the needs of high precision, high strength and safety work requirement. High-performance digital control display module provides customers with smooth and continuous torque control output.

This type smart torque wrench with operational data storage and export function, every fastening of the operation data will be recorded in the memory, including: fastening time, work number, bolt number, fastening values, the total fastening count, the tightening duration, etc. These data can be viewed directly on the screen of the wrench, and can also be exported through the data line. All setting parameters will be saved by power-off, convenient for your next use.


Advantage of Award-winning Electric Torque Wrench


> Torque output is stable, not affected by voltage fluctuation and long distance cable, suitable for construction site.


> Torque accuracy ±4%, repeat accuracy ±1%, with high speed gear and low speed gear, two speed selection mode.


> Continuous rotation, the wrench stops automatically when the preset torque value is reached, much more efficient than intermittent driven hydraulic spanners.


> Support electric generator power, can work in filed condition.


> Digital control for torque setting and display.


> Support torque mode, torque + angle mode.


> Fastening result simulation judge following function.


> Automatic memory mode.


> Any value of torque can be set within the torque range.


> Use multi-stage gear box, high reliability, high stability.


> Support multi-language operation mode.


> Torque digital 1NM adjustment, display torque and wrench working status parameters.


> Interface Designintuitive and convenient, LCD displays torque value directly, analog conversion without torque comparison table.


> Double overload protection, with electronic torque control system and torque overload clutch design, effectively improve the service life of driving parts and carbon brush.


> Overheat protection.


> With standard reaction arm, customized reaction arm also available.


> With long service life carbon brushes.


> Automatic lap count and reverse torque control are optional.


> Background torque calibration function.


> Anti-reaction arm locking, realize unloading function.


> User (operator, administrator) hierarchical function management.


> Support the installation of lifting system, safe high altitude operation.

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Application of Electric Torque Wrench


The electric torque wrench is specially used for tightening hexagonal bolts with torque requirements. The power is 220v or 110v AC power supply, with a torque controller, and the output torque can be adjusted within a certain range. It is mainly used in bridge construction, railway construction, mechanical equipment installation, automobile assembly and other steel structure installation industries. At the same time, it can be applied to the erection of bridges with bolted and welded structures, the installation of workshops, towers, and chemical, metallurgical, and power generation equipment. Large-scale machinery, lifting equipment and vehicle assembly operations, as well as occasions with strict requirements on the torque and axial tension of threaded fasteners. When the equipment is working, the required torque is set in advance. After the machine reaches the set torque value, it will automatically stop rotating and the bolts will be tightened.


Baier Hydraulic Power (Wuhan) Co. Ltd is a high-technology enterprise, the company has been keenly focused on integrating research, development, production, sale and service of torque wrench, hydraulic cylinders, nut cutter, hydraulic pullers, hydraulic pumps, and so on. We own a modern production plant of 12, 000 square meters, this incorporates an internationally advanced hydraulic tools production facility, material processing line, tools assembly line, and other packaging equipment facilities.

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