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Digital High Battery Torque Wrench for Craftsman

Battery torque wrench is a kind of hand-held rotating electric tool with reaction arm, which can set the torque accurately, and is used to complete the tightening / dismantling work of nut or bolt automatically. The driving part adopts high-efficiency brushless DC motor, strong output, stable and reliable; It adopts mainstream high-speed MCU chip control, intelligent and perfect alarm and protection system, large size highlight color screen display, friendly and detailed work page, so that automatic fastening can be mastered.

Power supply:
Input power: :
Accuracy: :
Speed: :
Torque range::

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  • BRDC4500


Product Description


● Torque+Angle function for option.

● Low running costs: the low-wear brushless synchronous motor is maintenance free.
● Health-preserving: Low weight, ergonomically designed, low noise emissions.

Low noise protection necessary.
● High performance: Two lithium-ion battery packs ensure up to 360 screw joints in a row. Each battery features a LED charge level indicator. 
● Exact shut-off torque even at low battery levels.
● Very low susceptibility to damage and failure: Metabo Motor.

● Intelligent energy management and faster workflow: Electronics protects battery cells from overcharging and depth discharge. Cooled battery packs during recharging. This reduces charging times and enhances maximum performance and durability.
● High-performance gears, produced in a chip-free high-precision process.

●Every Unit Calibrated In ISO17025 Laboratory

●Alloy Steel Square Drive

●Ergonomic Slip-Resistant Pistol Grip

●High-Efficiency Brushless Motor

●Cast Reaction Arm

●Internal Gear Drive

●Soft-Start Trigger

●Expandable application options: accessories like torque extensions, side drives or customized supports.


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