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Do you know the precautions before operation of digital display electric torque wrench?

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Today, I'd like to introduce the precautions before the operation of digital display  electric torque wrench.

This product must use the 220V power standard in the above technical parameters. Check that the power plug can be inserted into the socket after the operation switch is completely released. The rated current of the socket and connecting cable must be greater than 10A. It is forbidden to use unqualified socket and connecting cable! Using the original plug and qualified socket when the product leaves the factory can reduce the risk of electric shock.

 Danger: This product is an electric tool with reaction force arm. The huge torque generated by the machine is absorbed by the reaction force arm, so it is necessary to find a support point with sufficient strength for the reaction force arm during operation.

In view of safety considerations, when the machine is working, any part of the human body must be far away from the working range of the reaction force arm, otherwise it will inevitably cause great harm to the human body.

 Be careful:

a. When changing the rotation direction of the machine, be sure to wait until the machine stops completely before reversing.

b. When the machine is used to fasten bolts or nuts, when the wrench reaches the set torque, the system will stop automatically. Do not tighten the same bolt or nut repeatedly, remove it and tighten it again.

c. Before tightening the nut (bolt) with this wrench, the nut must be loosened, usually more than 180 degrees, in order to obtain better tightening torque.

d. The wrench will be tightened automatically during operation. When the preset torque is reached, it will stop automatically. At this time, the buzzer will beep three times. It has prompted to tighten in place. At this time, please release the operation switch.

e. Do not operate the steering switch and panel button when the wrench is working!

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