Do you know the product maintenance and precautions of digital display electric torque wrench?

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Today, I'd like to introduce the product maintenance and precautions of digital display  electric torque wrench:

a.   The cooling vent holes of the machine and motor must be kept clean at any time, so as to improve the work quality and work safety.

b.   Regularly maintain the gearbox and planetary gear transmission system and replace with new lubricating grease.

c.   Regularly check whether the rotating parts on the machine operate normally, and determine whether any parts are broken or damaged. Always replace or repair faulty parts before using the machine.

d.   The electric tools can only be maintained and repaired by professional personnel, and the original parts can only be replaced during maintenance.

e.   When replacing parts or not using the machine, be sure to pull out the plug from the socket first. This preventive measure can avoid accidentally starting the power tool.

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