Introduction of Baier digital display electric torque wrench

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With the development of industry and the increasing requirements of users for the speed and torque accuracy of bolt tightening and disassembly, digital display electric torque wrench is more and more used by the users of enterprises.

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Today, I'd like to introduce a digital display electric torque wrench developed by Baier. It is a hand-held rotating electric tool with reaction arm, which can accurately set the torque and is used to automatically complete the fastening / disassembly of nuts or bolts. The driving part adopts high-efficiency motor, strong output, stable and reliable; It adopts mainstream high-speed MCU chip control, intelligent and perfect alarm and protection system, OLED highlighted color screen display, friendly and detailed work page, so that the automatic fastening can be mastered.

This type of intelligent torque wrench has the function of operation data storage and export. Each tightening operation data will be truthfully recorded in the memory, including tightening time, job number, bolt number, tightening value, cumulative completion count, this tightening time, etc. it can be visually viewed on the equipment display screen or exported through the data line. All setting parameters will be saved after power failure, which is convenient for your next use.

The mechanical part adopts high-precision planetary gear reduction mechanism, strict process control, stable and durable operation.


On November 22, 2021, in the electric torque wrench bidding project of XCMG, with good product quality and industry project experience, our company stood out from many competitors and won the bid successfully!

Baier's technical parameters, product certificates and technical specifications have successfully passed the audit. With strong technical strength, good reputation and rich project experience, we finally beat many competitors and won the bid for the project.

Baier has been deeply engaged in the Chinese market for more than ten years and has been committed to electric torque wrench (plug-in torque wrench, rechargeable torque wrench), hydraulic torque wrench, servo motor electronic precision control torque wrench, pneumatic torque wrench equipment, etc. The new electric torque wrench adopts a new torque display unit and button, fully supports the function of Internet of things, supports wireless (WiFi, Bluetooth), and supports data storage and transmission. The products are widely used in engineering machinery, petrochemical, wind power, nuclear power, mining, aviation, rail transit, railway, electric power, metallurgy, steel and other industries.

The successful bid winning of this project is of great significance to the further development and improvement of our company in the field of construction machinery, fully reflects our strong product strength and high-quality service level, further proves our competitive advantage in the same industry, and lays a solid foundation for our company to expand the construction machinery market. This bid is a new starting point. As always, we will provide customers with better products and solutions with quality, quantity and on time.

Baier Hydraulic Power (Wuhan) Co. Ltd is a high-technology enterprise, the company has been keenly focused on integrating research, development, production, sale and service of torque wrench, hydraulic cylinders, nut cutter, hydraulic pullers, hydraulic pumps, and so on. We own a modern production plant of 12, 000 square meters, this incorporates an internationally advanced hydraulic tools production facility, material processing line, tools assembly line, and other packaging equipment facilities.

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