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Nut Runner High Quality Pneumatic Torque Wrench Tightening

The pneumatic torque gun is used in industrial environments requiring precise and
mass loading and unloading.
The precise design of high-speed gearbox can obtain stable and strong
continuous output torque.
Suitable for efficient occasions the precision marathon motor is used
to ensure the output performance of the pneumatic motor.
We can provide standard, long guns and high speed series according to
customers needs.
  • BRPW


Product Description

Extremely excellent power to weigth ratio, wider torque range, and suitable for multiple work site.

Using multistage gearbox, it has no competitive reliability, uniform speed and stable output.

The gun desiging is in line with human mechanics and lighter.

Stable torque output in forward and backward direction.

Low noise, no impact output torque.

Accuracy is + 5% repeatability is +2% (requiring correct gas pressure and power)




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