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Operated High Battery Torque Wrench for Craftsman

Battery torque wrench is a kind of hand-held rotating electric tool with reaction arm, which can set the torque accurately, and is used to complete the tightening / dismantling work of nut or bolt automatically. The driving part adopts high-efficiency brushless DC motor, strong output, stable and reliable;Itadopts mainstream high-speed MCU chip control, intelligent and perfect alarm and protection system, large size highlight color screen display, friendly and detailed work page, so that automatic fastening can be mastered.

Power supply:
Input power: :
Accuracy: :
Torque range::
Square Drive::
  • BRDC6000

Characteristic & Features

1. Brushless electronic motor

Wear-free, higher motor life-time.

2. Safety turning knuckle

The lockable safety turning knuckle enables the gearbox unit to be positioned independently from the drive which means the tool can be positioned quickly and easily. During the bolting process the user’s wrist gets protected from the occurring reaction forces, which promotea an ergonomic design.

3.  Automatic Shut-off

After reaching the target torque value , the battery torque wrench type BRDC turns off automatically.

4. Automatic reverse

When target torque is reached the tool runs back a little which avoids that socket or support may get stuck on the bolt connection.

5. High reproducability and precision of ± 4%

6. Flexible and easy to use

The BBM-D serie is ideal to use for service jobs on bolted joints where space is limited or where power supplies are not easy accessible, for example offshore applications on windturbines or others.

7. Application
Perfect use for all service-jobs on bolted joints bigger than M16 (5/9'').

8. High-performance Li-Ion batteries (Metabo motor&battery)

9. User-friendly, ergonomic design 

Non-slip rubber ergonomic pistol grip

On/off and tighten/loosen switches direclty on the pistol grip.

10.    Gearboxes are redesigned for 20% greater strength and reliability.

11. Job data management provides flexibility in verifying work performed. 


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